Toll collection is a part of government activity which includes collecting taxes from road users. Manual Toll collection activities lead to a long line on the highway. Also, this process creates congestion on the roads and thus more pollution from the vehicles.

Electronic Toll Collection system allows electronically charging a toll to an established customer account. ETC allows vehicles to pass through a toll without stopping or requiring any action by the driver. The automatic toll collection requires an account with the concerned government authority. RFID Tag with a chip in it is fixed on the windshield of the vehicle and enables a customer to make the toll payment directly from the account linked to the tag.


To conclude, Electronic Toll Collection is an RFID based toll collection system where every vehicle owns a unique identification number linked to a tag. When the vehicle enters the electromagnetic waves of the reader it automatically deducts a certain amount from the linked prepaid account and opens the gate for the vehicle to pass. This system includes an Electronic toll collection (ETC) system, real-time toll collection, and anti-theft solution system. This reduces manual labor and delays that often occur on roads. Electronic toll collection systems using RFID is an effective measure to reduce management costs and fees, at the same time, greatly reduce noise and pollution of a toll station.

Benefits of Electronic Toll Collection:

  • Faster & efficient movement of vehicles
  • It helps in monitoring every vehicle which enters and exits.
  • Will reduce the congestion on the road.
  • Using RFID Tags for Toll collection is a part of Smart City projects as well.