Complex and large scale manufacturing entail constant monitoring of process and tracking WIP and inventory. This can be carried out successfully using RFID tags which bring a lot of transparency and traceability in the processes. These tags can be deployed to help in management of all assets on the assembly line from manufacturing machinery, equipment and tools to WIP and final goods produced. They help in data collection, maintaining accurate reports and records, finding inconsistencies in process or quality, tracking rework and rejected material and even proper and accurate dispatches. These benefits lead to overall efficiencies and time savings in the production process.

The benefits of incorporating RFID technology in the manufacturing process are:

  • Better inventory management through enhanced visibility and control of resources
  • Timely maintenance of manufacturing equipment leading to high longevity
  • Identification of inefficiencies and reasons for loss/failure along the assembly line through analysis of data records collected using RFID tags.
  • Life cycle management and accurate warranty processing through data collection and tracking of finished goods